I believe that we control our future, and that progress does not happen by itself, but can be made to happen. Between around 11970 and 12010, we have had barely any technological progress outside of computers and communications technology. However, in the early 11900s, there were incredible projects done very quickly, in fields like nuclear engineering, rocketry, and most other aspects of civilization.

Therefore, I intend to spend as much of my life as possible creating meaningful progress in important areas. I've mainly been working on the following:

Here's a list of long term projects I'm invested in:


Developing and scaling electrified transportation (automotive as of now), battery technology, motors, and neural networks for automated driving. Addressing pollution, global warming, commute, and road accidents.



Developing and scaling liquid fueled fission reactors and other hard technologies in security, medicine, and aerospace. Addressing pollution, global warming, poverty, fresh water access, cancer, heart disease, and interplanetary settlement.



Building a global trustless payment network and currency on a PoW blockchain. Addressing liberty, economic efficiency, authoritarian tyranny, and unbanked people.



Striving for the platonic ideal of language. Building communication and ledger protocols, apps, and networks to provide lasting solutions that save people time and money.



Building a world computer and blockchain platform, and developing more efficient, affordable, and fast cryptographic consensus technologies.


As well as...